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Upcoming SRE Events

Moving from Learning to Action: A Post-Convening Processing Session

In early June, 200 people came together for two days of meaningful engagement at the SRE Network Convening - Learning Lab for Change. The learning doesn't end when the convening does. We must continue to learn and experiment as we consider how to put these ideas into action. We may reflect on questions such as: • What are some of the key takeaways from the Convening? • Who do we need to engage with in order to create change? • Where do we even start?

Featured Past SRE Events

march bright spots

Bright Spots in the Field: Tucson JCC & JCCA’s Communal Approach to Safety, Respect, & Equity Work

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SRE Network Essentials: Deepening Your Safety, Respect, and Equity Journey

Whether you are a seasoned SRE Network Member or just learning about the organization, we invite you to dive deep into all things Safety, Respect, and Equity. Together with the SRE Network team, we will:
– Explore the critical cultural challenges SRE is trying to solve;
– Discover all of the benefits you can access a SRE Network Member or Affiliate;
– Learn how your organization can maximize its experience with SRE.

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From Respectful to Unlawful Behavior Event

From Respectful to Unlawful Behavior: Understanding the Continuum of Workplace Conduct, the Impacts, and Interventions

As we work to build healthy and respectful workplace cultures, it is essential to understand the full spectrum of behaviors. Sepler & Associates’ Continuum of Workplace Conduct is a powerful model for understanding the full range of workplace behaviors, the impact of each stage on organizational culture, and what leaders can do to intervene to protect their organizational culture and prevent escalation of behaviors.

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Town Hall Event

SRE Network Town Hall

In September, SRE shared its 2024-2026 Strategic Plan and the updated mission, vision, and offerings. Now it’s time to gather virtually as a community to learn more about how the strategic plan will further advance Jewish organizations’ journeys towards becoming safer, more respectful and equitable workplaces and communal spaces.

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Advancing Equity through an Intersectional Approach

Advancing Equity through an Intersectional Approach

Join SRE Network and a panel of leading changemakers and thought leaders to deepen your understanding of how gender, race, sexuality, ability, and other marginalized identities intersect in experiences of harm.

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Standing Up

Standing Up: Real Stories of Upstanding

What It Takes; Why Its Crucial — And The Role We All Play In Making Change

SRE Network is excited to join SVIVAH on Wednesday, July 12 from 5-6:30 pm PT/8-9:30 pm ET as we continue our exploration of “upstanding” — what it takes, what it does, and why it is an essential piece of creating a world that reflects the values we hold dear.

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Moving from Learning to Action: Doing the Work Together

Join us for this post-Convening follow up session to continue the work and learning we began together at the Convening. In this session, Ariele Mortkowitz and Rabbanit Aliza Sperling from SVIVAH will lead an exploration of the ideas from the Convening that resonated most, where we are finding ourselves most challenged, and what we’ve started to prioritize in our action planning. Together, we’ll reflect on and share how SRE Network can be more supportive in moving each of our work forward.

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Addressing Problematic and Disrespectful Behaviors in the Workplace: Strategies for Organizations

Addressing Problematic and Disrespectful Behaviors in the Workplace: Strategies for Organizations

In this session, Nicole Nevarez and Dr. Andrea Jacobs from Ta’amod will identify the most common types of disrespectful workplace behavior that undermine psychological safety and contribute to an unhealthy workplace culture and then focus on intervention strategies. Together, we’ll explore practices organizational leaders can apply when we experience or witness problematic behaviors.

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Living Your Policy: Sharing Your Policies & Training Your Team

Amee Wurzburg and Stephanie Gray from Sacred Spaces will share how to develop regular opportunities for your community to engage with your policies. They’ll explore best practices, the considerations and steps for your planning process, and concrete ways to communicate your policies and train your staff.

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Where Do We Go From Here? Learnings to the Standards Self-Assessment Report

You’re invited to this interactive session to understand better how the findings can serve as a roadmap for the work ahead to build more safe, respectful and equitable workplaces and communal spaces.

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Making Uncomfortable Conversations A Habit: A New Year’s Resolution

Based on her book, Breaking the Silence Habit, Sarah Pierson will explore why conversations about sexual harassment and violence are important and how these conversations work to prevent and respond to these behaviors.

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2023 SRE Network Convening

You are cordially invited to join us as we gather together in person for the first time since the pandemic.

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