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Living Your Policy: Sharing Your Policies & Training Your Team

Amee Wurzburg and Stephanie Gray from Sacred Spaces will share how to develop regular opportunities for your community to engage with your policies. They’ll explore best practices, the considerations and steps for your planning process, and concrete ways to communicate your policies and train your staff.

Where Do We Go From Here? Learnings to the Standards Self-Assessment Report

You’re invited to this interactive session to understand better how the findings can serve as a roadmap for the work ahead to build more safe, respectful and equitable workplaces and communal spaces.

Making Uncomfortable Conversations A Habit: A New Year’s Resolution

Based on her book, Breaking the Silence Habit, Sarah Pierson will explore why conversations about sexual harassment and violence are important and how these conversations work to prevent and respond to these behaviors.

What Do We Mean When We Ask A Sexual Offender To “Do T’shuva?” – An Opportunity for Going Deeper

What can we do when teshuva is insufficient? In these sessions, we will delve into rabbinic sources that might offer new ways of thinking about how a Jewish community might rebuild itself after discovering that its leader was engaged in sexual harassment or abuse.

Rebuilding Together: Creating Survivor-Led Cultures

SRE Network held a training on creating survivor-led cultures facilitated by attorney and ORA CEO Keshet Starr and therapist Sheva Ganz. They discussed how to support survivors of abuse by instituting survivor-led advocacy programs, creating opportunities for peer leadership, and building organizations with survivor-led cultures

When What You Do Is Who You Are

In this session, Tobin Belzer Ph.D. shared insights from her research: “When What You Do Is Who You Are: The Intersection of Jewish Organizational Culture and Identity.” This talk focused on understanding the adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies she observed and she shed light on how working in the Jewish communal sector affected research participants’...

SRE Network Grantseekers Workshop

This fall, SRE Network will award a total of $350,000 in 1-2 year grants, to support a select number of SRE Network member organizations as they take meaningful steps toward creating more safe, respectful, and equitable workplaces, through engaging expert consultants and trainers. Applicants must be a current SRE Network member, and have been a...

Membership Open House

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Session 1: Giving an Apology That Works

When we mess up, how do we give an effective apology? As kids, we’re often taught that the magic words “I’m sorry” are all that’s required, but as adults, we need a more robust set of tools for making things right. In this workshop, we’ll use an approach rooted in Jewish ancestral values to explore...

Session 2: What do we mean when we ask a sexual offender to “do t’shuva?”

As we’ve seen more sexually predatory behavior exposed in Jewish media outlets, and the subsequent calls for t’shuva, the Created Equal research group at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America began to grapple with what t’shuva could look like in these instances of harm using Jewish and secular sources.
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