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JWI’s 5th International Conference on Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community

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SRE Network Grantseekers Workshop

This fall, SRE Network will award a total of $350,000 in 1-2 year grants, to support a select number of SRE Network member organizations as they take meaningful steps toward creating more safe, respectful, and equitable workplaces, through engaging expert consultants and trainers. Applicants must be a current SRE Network member, and have been a...

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Session 1: Giving an Apology That Works

When we mess up, how do we give an effective apology? As kids, we’re often taught that the magic words “I’m sorry” are all that’s required, but as adults, we need a more robust set of tools for making things right. In this workshop, we’ll use an approach rooted in Jewish ancestral values to explore...

Session 2: What do we mean when we ask a sexual offender to “do t’shuva?”

As we’ve seen more sexually predatory behavior exposed in Jewish media outlets, and the subsequent calls for t’shuva, the Created Equal research group at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America began to grapple with what t’shuva could look like in these instances of harm using Jewish and secular sources.

Session 3: Restorative Justice and T’Shuva: Repairing Harm to Individuals and Communities

Restorative justice is a survivor-centered and trauma-informed approach to repairing harm that can take many forms: from one-on-one facilitated conversations to circle processes, but the term elicits many questions.

JWA Book Talks with Danya Ruttenberg

In On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg draws on Maimonides and other Jewish texts to offer a crucial new lens on repentance, atonement, forgiveness, and repair from harm—from personal transgressions to our culture’s most painful and unresolved issues. Co-sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women, Sacred Spaces, and...

Responding to Workplace Complaints and Conducting Investigations for Organizations

Does your organization know what to do when you receive a complaint regarding workplace misconduct? How do you assess whether what is reported should involve an internal review or third-party external investigation? Rahel Bayer, the founder of The Bayar Group, will cover topics such as: determining when an internal vs. external investigation is recommended, navigating...

Membership Open House

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Moving from Learning to Action

In order to effectively ‘return to basics’ and root ourselves and our work in safety, respect, and equity, we must continue to learn and consider how to put these ideas into action.
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