Session Description

SRE Network hosted an opportunity for participants to learn directly from our members and grantees about their collaborative, multi-organization initiatives to advance safety, respect, and equity across their communities. JCC Association of North America's JCulture pilot supported local JCCs in building healthier workplaces through training, education, and resources. Tucson JCC spearheaded the Tucson SRE Task Force which implemented a city-wide approach to helping local Jewish organizations expand safety, respect, and equity work within their workplaces.

In learning about the approaches of these two organizations, participants:

    • Explored the power of collaboration in bringing safety, respect, and equity work into your communities.
    • Learned about successes and challenges Tucson JCC and JCC Association faced as they implemented these innovative initiatives to build healthier workplaces.
    • Discovered how to apply practical lessons from these initiatives to your organization's SRE work: creating leadership buy-in, identifying allies to build meaningful partnerships, and establishing a task force to lead this work.

About the Speakers

Joy Brand-Richardson, Vice President & Director of Training and Professional Development, JCC Association of North America

Joy Brand-Richardson is a longtime employee of JCC Association and has developed and directed leadership cohorts and programming for thousands of JCC employees over the last 25 years.  Before joining JCC Association, she worked at three different JCCs. Brand-Richardson holds a master's degree in education and has additional training in coaching, staff development, and customer service. Brand-Richardson is a proud recipient of the JCC Association Graduate Scholarship, member of the SRE Network inaugural advisory board, and an advisor for JPRO's WellAdvised program.

Todd Rockoff, President & CEO of Tucson JCC

Todd Rockoff has had a 38-year career in the Jewish Community Center (JCC) field and became President and CEO for the Tucson JCC in July 2013.  Todd has been a frequent trainer and guest speaker at JCC Association Professional Conference and Biennial. Todd has co-led the development and implementation of many national pilot programs for JCCs, such as: Discover @ the J, Discover CATCH, Talent Management, JCC Maccabi Access, Inclusion Efforts, JCulture, and Women InPower. 

Most recently, Todd has focused on advocating for inclusion programs, practices, and policies within the JCC movement.  He co-chaired a task force to bring leaders together to strengthen JCC leaders' involvement in their inclusive and specialized programming for individuals with all ranges of abilities. This includes co-leading a local coalition amongst Jewish Agencies and Synagogues to raise collective consciousness around Safety*Respect*Equity.  Todd has been a speaker at the annual SRE Convening 2 of the last 3 years.

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