Membership Review Practice

SRE Network is a free, voluntary membership network of Jewish nonprofit organizations and communal entities based in North America who are dedicated to fostering safe, respectful and equitable workplaces and communal spaces. To maintain active SRE Network status, member organizations must uphold our Membership Agreement, meet Organizational Membership Eligibility Requirements, and maintain good faith communication with SRE leadership around their growth and opportunities for improvement. Active members are publicly listed with their logos and names on our website:

SRE is a network of those willing to be “on a journey toward implementing the SRE standards”-- i.e. of “the good,” not of “the perfect.” SRE takes concerns raised regarding member organizations seriously and operates with the expectation that SRE members will be responsive and engage in good faith conversations when such matters are raised by SRE leadership.

When concerns are raised, the SRE team conducts an internal due diligence process. In select instances, the results of this process are reviewed by the SRE Advisory Board chair for further input. In more complex situations, an SRE Membership Review Committee of Advisory Board members may also be engaged. The most typical outcome of such matters is that an SRE member maintains its membership status. In rare instances, a member organization will be placed on inactive status, pending further review or implementation of an action plan. In even rarer cases, an inactive member will not be invited to reactivate SRE membership.

SRE encourages any member organizations with questions specific to their organization’s ongoing SRE eligibility and membership status to contact us directly at

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