How to Join

SRE Network membership is for Jewish nonprofit organizations and communal entities based in the United States. Beyond membership, we look forward to engaging all constituents interested in furthering safe, respectful and equitable workplaces and gender justice. If you have ideas for how to connect further, please contact us.


Becoming a Member of SRE

  1. Review the list of SRE Network Members.

  2. Discuss internally within your organization the Standards and your readiness to commit to adopting these. The internal discussion should include your CEO/Executive Director, key board members and other senior staff.

  3. You will then receive the SRE Network Self-Assessment tool.

  4. Complete the tool to help your organization assess where it is aligned with the SRE Network Standards and to identify areas for further work.

  5. Upon completing the self-assessment, you will receive a link to the SRE Toolkit with additional tools and resources.

  6. After reviewing your assessment results and our SRE Toolkit, contact us at to discuss next steps.

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