Section 1:

Getting Ready


The SRE Network has developed a comprehensive set of standards for Jewish organizations to implement as best practices around reducing and addressing sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and this toolkit will guide you through the process of implementing them.


Watch this introductory webinar for an overview of the SRE Standards — what they are, why they matter, and how to begin implementation.

If you have not already done so, take SRE’s Self-Assessment.

Once the assessment is complete, use it as as a reference to identify the areas in the Standards that your workplace is meeting and the areas that are not in place or that need updating.

Once you have assessed your organization, begin to identify what kind of expertise, training or other guidance you might need to help guide you on the process of implementing the standards.


Webinar by Guila Benchimol and Sharon Masling “Introduction to the Standards”


Sacred Spaces provides expert advising to Jewish organizations when issues of concern arise. These issues can range from seemingly minor to major, and may include: observed boundary or policy violations; individuals who make others uncomfortable; concerns about a governance structure or culture that feels unhealthy; allegations of harassment, assault or abuse; rumors of harassment, assault or abuse; and firsthand knowledge of harassment assault or abuse, among others. The concerning information may be new or historic. Sacred Spaces also provide short-term consultation to guide organizations in areas beyond crisis management such as prevention and crisis response planning, policy development, and developing in-house training.

Consults are conducted via video call with 2-3 expert consultants. Most cases can be resolved with 1-3 one-hour consult calls, in which Sacred Spaces will guide organizations in properly responding to concerns or allegations by advising on necessary safety measures, victim support, intersecting with governmental authorities, minimizing liability, communications strategy, pastoral care, and healing for the community.

Consults are $500 per hour and may be prorated. To request a consult, fill out this form. For more detail on Sacred Spaces’ consultations, visit the Case Consult FAQ.

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