Statement from SRE Network regarding JDC

September 8, 2020 — The August 4, 2020 article that appeared in the Jerusalem Post regarding a CEO search, that included the disclosure of a professional’s confidential candidacy, and the diminishment of her character and qualifications in the press by anonymous current and former senior officials of JDC, raised serious concerns for our network. Such incidents are harmful to the targeted employee, harmful to an organization's reputation, and can have a chilling effect on other potential candidates, particularly women, from seeking future executive roles in the Jewish communal field at large.

Because we take such incidents seriously, especially when they involve a network member, we have been engaged with those involved from the outset.

We are heartened to see the updated public statement from JDC which unequivocally condemns what occurred and reaffirms their commitment to safety, respect, and equity:

Excerpt: "…It is incumbent on us to reaffirm our organizational values and restate our commitment to a JDC workplace, and wider Jewish community, defined by equity, safety, respect, diversity, and inclusion. We therefore repeat our unequivocal condemnation of recent public attacks on Sarah Eisenman, JDC’s Assistant Executive Vice President and Executive Director of JDC Entwine, a valued and accomplished senior woman professional at JDC for more than 18 years. We also uphold our obligation to ensure a safe environment for JDC staff, and those who apply for positions at our organization. We are taking steps now, including an internal review by an ad-hoc Committee of the Board that will study the circumstances of the incident and the organization’s response, to ensure such inappropriate actions, which have no place at JDC, are not repeated.”

We have been informed by JDC leadership that a meaningful formal apology was issued to the employee and that communications have been issued across staff and lay leaders to convey such behavior will not be tolerated. Furthermore, we expect the internal review by the ad-hoc committee of the board recently announced will be a thorough process that will ultimately lead to a safer, more respectful and equitable workplace and communal culture.
To learn more about our SRE Network Standards for Creating Safe, Respectful and Equitable Jewish Workplaces visit:

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About SRE Network:

SRE Network is a Jewish network of over 140 organizations that is rooted in our shared commitment to safety, respect, and equity-for all. We inspire meaningful change in workplaces and communal spaces by bringing people together to address gender-based harassment, discrimination, and inequity. Our work is focused on building community, research and learning, and strategic community investments, using an intersectional lens of gender justice.

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