Statement from SRE Network regarding Conservative Movement allegations

August 18, 2021We are encouraged by the announcement of Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, CEO of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, following allegations of sexual abuse of teenage boys at its programs reported last week in the JTA, that its affiliated organization United Synagogue Youth (USY) will hire a third party to manage its reporting hotline and pay an independent consultant to investigate the allegations and the involvement of program officials or volunteers.

We also applaud the bravery of those coming forward, both publicly and anonymously, to share their experiences, knowing that the trauma caused by abuse can affect individuals, families, and whole communities for a lifetime and that for authentic healing to take place, deep introspection, recognition, and action are needed.
We also know that multiple pathways are needed to create change in this space, including effectively addressing the needs of victim-survivors of sexual harassment and abuse in Jewish spaces. With this in mind, we announced last week a competitive grant pool of $250,000 to support initiatives in this area. Click here to learn more:

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About SRE Network:

SRE Network is a Jewish network of over 140 organizations that is rooted in our shared commitment to safety, respect, and equity-for all. We inspire meaningful change in workplaces and communal spaces by bringing people together to address gender-based harassment, discrimination, and inequity. Our work is focused on building community, research and learning, and strategic community investments, using an intersectional lens of gender justice.

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