SRE Network Responds to Recent News Regarding Hebrew College

January 30, 2024 -  SRE Network (Safety, Respect, Equity) responded to the recent JTA news report about the founding dean and rector of the rabbinical school of Hebrew College, Rabbi Arthur Green. SRE Network commends Hebrew College for taking steps to clearly communicate about the safety of its community, and we support the individuals who experienced harm. 

In response to these reports, SRE Network Interim Executive Director Shaina Wasserman stated: “While SRE was not involved in the developments at Hebrew College, we value the organization’s transparency and accountability, and subsequent implementation of a trauma-informed, restorative justice process. SRE guides and supports organizations to implement policies and procedures, and build cultures that prioritize the safety and wellbeing of their communities.”

SRE Network is committed to creating a Jewish communal landscape that is safe, respectful, and equitable for all. Core to that vision is understanding that abuse of power occurs, and organizations are capable of both addressing historical incidents of misconduct and preventing future incidents from occurring through education, implementation of safeguards, and both individual and communal accountability. SRE’s Standards offer a roadmap to all Jewish organizations seeking to build workplaces where people are free from abuse, engage one another with dignity, and are treated fairly.

For more information about SRE’s resources including a consultation call, please visit or email

If you are an individual who may be currently experiencing harassment or abuse, call the RAINN National Sexual Assault hotline at 800.656.HOPE, or 800.656.4673. If you or someone you know is experiencing gender discrimination, including sexual harassment in the workplace, we encourage you to contact the National Women’s Law Center at and to report issues to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at


SRE Network promotes Jewish workplaces and communal spaces in becoming safe, respectful, and equitable through network building, resource sharing, and community investments. As a network of over 175 Jewish organizations, we are working towards a Jewish communal landscape where people are free from abuse, engage one another with dignity, and are treated fairly. Learn more at:

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