SRE Network Grantseekers Workshop

This SRE program was held on Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022, 11 am PT/2 pm ET (60 min session)

Session information:

This fall, SRE Network will award a total of $350,000 in 1-2 year grants, to support a select number of SRE Network member organizations as they take meaningful steps toward creating more safe, respectful, and equitable workplaces, through engaging expert consultants and trainers. We anticipate making a total of 5-7 grants with an average individual grant amount of $50,000 over one or two years.

Grant applications must focus on training and consulting needs that directly address safety, respect, and equity within your organization and among your constituents.

Applicants must be a current SRE Network member, and have been a SRE Network member for at least six months prior to application.

For more information and resources on this session, please email

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