Spring 2022 Open Grants Process

At this time we are no longer accepting applications for the Spring Open Grants Process. Thank you to the 30+ organizations who submitted Letters of Intent, we looking forward to announcing the grantees in June. If you missed the deadline but are interested in receiving funding from SRE please email Rachel, Director of Community Investments, at rachel@srenetwork.org.

SRE’s Spring 2022 Open Grants Process

This Spring, SRE Network expects to make a total of $250,000 in one to two year grants to organizations working in Jewish communal spaces or workplaces. SRE is excited to support start-ups, research, general operating, multi-org collaborations, and/or specific projects which focus on:

a) gender justice with an intersectional lens


b) supporting victim-survivors of sexual harassment or abuse in Jewish spaces (this includes projects led by victim-survivors)

We anticipate awarding a total of 4-6 grant awards with an average award amount of $50,000 over two years (at $25,000 per year). We will consider smaller and larger requests, however, significantly larger requests will likely not be funded in this competitive pool.

Grantseekers Workshop

Grants Review Committee

SRE Network's Grants Review Committee will review grant applications and, in partnership with the SRE staff team, will recommend grant awards for consideration by the SRE Network Advisory Board. We intentionally brought together a diverse group that brings new and underrepresented voices to grantmaking. Together they have deep experience in Jewish communal and professional life, including organizational leadership, LGBTQ+ activism, community organizing, survivor support, women's advocacy, and anti-racist consulting. Grounded in this deep community knowledge, they will use an intersectional and justice-centered lens to make their recommendations.

Chava Sims Shervington

Los Angeles, CA

Stefanie Rhodes

New York, NY

Tabitha St Bernard-Jacobs

New York, NY

Dr. Guila Benchimol

Toronto, Canada

If you have questions about the Spring 2022 Open Grants Process or about SRE's Community Investments please email Rachel Faulkner, Director of Community Investments, at rachel@srenetwork.org.

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