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A Review of Public Discourse and Survivor Experiences of Safety, Respect, and Equity in Jewish Workplaces and Communal Spaces

Research report by Dr. Guila Benchimol and Marie Huber

As the #MeToo movement has grown, it has laid bare an inescapable truth: the Jewish community is subject to the same kinds of issues, inequities, and power dynamics that exist in other communities. To deeply understand this truth and the current state of safety, respect, and equity within the Jewish community, the Safety Respect Equity Network has conducted extensive research into survivor experiences and public discourse on these issues within the Jewish community. Our guiding questions were:

  • What have been the experiences of victim-survivors of sexual harassment and assault within Jewish workplaces and communal spaces?

  • Where have Jewish organizations succeeded and failed in meeting their obligations regarding safety, respect, and equity and in responding to victim-survivors’ needs?

  • How is the broader Jewish community discussing these issues, and what are the possible implications of the discourse?

  • To what extent is public discourse aligned or misaligned with victim-survivor experiences and perspectives?

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