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SRE Network members and prospective members are eligible to sign up by August 6th to meet one-on-one (or in small groups if your organization would like to bring more than one representative) with an expert to discuss a content area relevant to their organization in August 2021.

We encourage members to use this opportunity to ask questions, problem solve, idea-share, get feedback, or begin a longer term working relationship. For these consultations, each expert is offering a limited number of one-hour sessions on a first come first serve basis. If this offering is successful, we look forward to building it out further to offer additional and expanded availability in the future. You can also join our waiting list by emailing us at and we will be in touch if additional spots open up. For any questions about Office Hours, please email us at To ensure wide participation we are limiting these slots to one per organization total.

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Office Hours Experts

SRE Network - Interrupting Implicit Bias - WAITLIST ONLY

Led by Tonda Case:

Exploring the idea that "what we hold, we create" and naming the importance of doing our internal work before we reach to create a healed world. Ideas for releasing judgement as we begin/continue our journey of deepening our self-awareness and our ability to speak truth to ourselves and to others.

Keshet - Building LGBTQ+ Affirming Workplaces - WAITLIST ONLY

Led by Rabbi Micah Buck Yael:

We train, consult, and support Jewish educators, clergy, program staff, youth, and lay leaders to ensure that LGBTQ youth, families, and staff are affirmed in all Jewish educational and community settings. Typical consultation projects may include website, materials or policies review, assistance developing LGBTQ-affirming curricula, and advising and supporting organizations undergoing institutional change for LGBTQ equality.

Ta’amod - Proactively Creating Respectful Workplace Culture - WAITLIST ONLY

Led by Nicole Nevarez:

Ta’amod: Stand Up! transforms Jewish life by equipping institutions and individuals with the resources they need to cultivate healthy, safe, and equitable workplaces. Informed by both Jewish wisdom and accountability frameworks, this session provides the opportunity to explore the core tenant of healthy workplace cultures: psychological safety. Individuals will meet with Ta'amod's founding Executive Director, Nicole Nevarez, to workshop different practices for proactively building a respectful, values-aligned organization.

Sacred Spaces - Creating SRE Policy and Documentation - WAITLIST ONLY

Led by Dr. Shira Berkovits:

During office hours, Sacred Spaces staff will be available to answer questions pertaining to: the overall content areas for workplace policies; considerations in the establishment of a reporting system; preparing the organization and those designated to receive complaints do so in a trauma-informed manner; decision-making around when to engage in investigations; assessing current organizational culture, engaging stakeholders in value setting and the policy development; and how to address previous organizational missteps and community healing. We will also be available to examine specific language in a policy that needs additional thought partnership.

GEIHP - Equitable Hiring and Advancement Practices - WAITLIST ONLY

Led by Sara Shapiro-Plevan:

GEIHP is available to support organizations in removing gender bias from hiring and employment processes. GEIHP can help your organization in creating job descriptions, salary transparency policies, and performance management systems that reflect our Jewish values of equity and fairness.

To Sign Up for Office Hours

1. Schedule consult with the expert of your choice

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