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December 1, 2022 — Today we present a “Mazel Talk” with SRE Network Advisory Board Chair Lisa Eisen. Lisa is the Co-President of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies and is a founder of SRE Network.

Why do you serve as the chair of the SRE Network Advisory Board?

As one of the founders of SRE Network, I am deeply committed to the idea that the Jewish community should be safe and equitable. We know our community can be healthier and stronger if we are more inclusive and treat everybody with the dignity and respect that they deserve. SRE is already helping organizations create just those kinds of environments. As someone who believes in the power of women's leadership and our contributions to our community and our society, I want to ensure women and all people feel that they can realize their full potential and contribute their talents to enriching Jewish life.

What is one thing you want the rest of the Jewish community to know about SRE Network?

I want the Jewish community to know that there is a network of organizations that care about gender equality and about the safety and thriving of people within Jewish organizations and Jewish life. And sometimes the work happens quietly behind the scenes. Sometimes it happens more publicly. In both cases, SRE Network is helping support and drive positive change in the Jewish community.

How does your professional role intersect with the work of SRE?

I am the co-president of Schusterman Family Philanthropies, an organization that is deeply committed to the Jewish values of tzedek — pursuing justice, tikkun olam — making our world a better place — and derekh eretz, treating all people with dignity and respect. I see SRE’s efforts as a clear and natural extension of our values and philanthropic goals. Unfortunately, not all Jewish professionals and lay leaders experience safety, respect, and equity in their work. For us, it is a priority to help Jewish organizations be welcoming, inclusive spaces that enable professionals to thrive and to contribute to a vibrant Jewish future.

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