Fall 2022 Open Grants Process

Thank you to all who submitted their Final Letters of Intent (LOIs) including a Scope of Work from your organization's selected trainer or consultant. Our Fall 2022 grants process is now closed. 

Announcing SRE’s Fall 2022 Open Grants Process

Through prior grants pools, listening tours, and member learning programs, SRE Network members have identified the need for funding to support internal change work, including expert consultants and training support. To address this need, this fall SRE is launching an Open Grants Process to address these training and consultation needs as organizations strive to be more safe, respectful, and equitable.  As part of this opportunity, SRE expects to award a total of $350,000 to support organizations in hiring trainers and consultants to provide support in addressing gender-based harassment, discrimination, and inequity.

We anticipate awarding a total of 5-7 grants with an average grant amount of $50,000 over one or two years, but we will consider smaller and larger requests.

Grantseekers Workshop

Grants Review Committee

SRE Network's Grants Review Committee will review grant applications and, in partnership with the SRE staff team, will recommend grant awards for consideration by the SRE Network Advisory Board. We intentionally brought together a diverse group that brings new and underrepresented voices to grantmaking. Together they have deep experience in Jewish communal and professional life, including organizational leadership, LGBTQ+ activism, community organizing, survivor support, women's advocacy, and anti-racist consulting. Grounded in this deep community knowledge, they will use an intersectional and justice-centered lens to make their recommendations.

Gamal Palmer

Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Dorfman

Brooklyn, NY

Chava Sims Shervington

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Guila Benchimol

Toronto, Canada

Stefanie Rhodes

New York, NY

If you have questions about the Fall 2022 Open Grants Process or about SRE's Community Investments, please email Rachel Faulkner, Director of Community Investments, at rachel@srenetwork.org.

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