Women in War


Join us for a philanthropic conversation to address the vast gender dimensions of the crisis in Israel

Since the atrocities of October 7th, we have witnessed an outpouring of financial support for Israel, much of which is already being distributed to vital recovery efforts, but which notably neglect the enormous repercussions for women and girls and overlook the key civil society actors that are best placed to address them.

We will address the gender dimensions of the crisis concerned with women’s rights, status and wellbeing, including lack of women’s representation in decision-making, gender-based war crimes, impact of trauma and displacement on women and children, gender-based violence ripple effect and exploitation of “women’s work” in recovery effort.

In this meeting we will hear from experts in the field on the needs and the role of philanthropy in defining key areas for immediate intervention and shoring up capacities of Israeli women’s organizations to lead responses that are crucial to our nation’s recovery.

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