Bystander Intervention in the Workplace

This event, hosted by the SRE Network team Right to Be was held on:

Thursday, March 31, 1 pm ET/10 am PT (60 min session)

When harassment happens at work, people are almost always around; and if they aren't around, they can be quickly summoned to show up. The goal of this training is to reduce instances of workplace disrespect and harassment by giving you the tools you need to disrupt those perpetrating it. Right To Be (formerly named: hollaback!) will equip participants with tools to be an effective bystander in the midst of workplace disrespect or harassment by using their proven 5Ds of bystander intervention methodology - Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct. This session will not be recorded, but feel free to get in touch with SRE to learn about other ways to access this information.Rebecca and Karen completed the Jewish Studio Project Creative Facilitator Training Program in 2020.

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About Right to Be
The mission of Right to Be is to end harassment in all its forms by transforming the culture that perpetuates harassment and discrimination. We carry out this mission by building the power of everyday people to create safe and welcoming environments for all. We believe we all have a role to play in disrupting harassment and building a culture where it is no longer seen as "just the price you have to pay" for being a woman, LGBTQ+, a person of color, or any other marginalized identity. We teach people to take action and to reach across their own identities to ally with others and establish a united front against harassment each time we witness it. You can learn more at:

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