SRE 2020 Convening Opening Keynote: A Compass in the Storm

As our community “sheltered from the storm” of the pandemic in this virtual convening, Executive Director Elana Wien gives the opening keynote. She begins by addressing the rising need for safe, respectful, and equitable workplaces and communal spaces during COVID-19; shares her thoughts on how the pandemic is increasing inequities in homes, particularly women-identifying people; reveals her vision for SRE Network’s work in the future.

Ally Against Sexual Harrassment

Ally Against Sexual Harassment Session Video

In June 2020, the Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta hosted a film screening and panel discussion of Nevertheless, a documentary about gender-based harassment and assault in the workplace. Executive Director Elana Wien joined the panel of safety, respect, and equity experts to analyze elements of gender harassment and sexual violence from the film. Together, they share how these elements show up in the workplace and their thoughts on how we can engage in creating more safe and respectful workplaces.

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