Standards Self-Assessment

Welcome to the SRE Network’s Standards Self-Assessment.

Prior to completing the Standards Self-Assessment, please:
1. Preview the full list of questions here
2. Discuss the questions with appropriate members of your leadership team
3. Ensure that only one person per organization (Board Chair, CEO or Executive Director, Other Senior Leadership authorized to complete assessment or Representative of Senior Leader authorized to complete assessment) submits the answers, and that person is best equipped to provide accurate responses.

How this information will be used:
Responses submitted will be provided via email to the organizational representative who completed the form, and will be saved by SRE Network. SRE Network may use raw data collected across all member entries to review trends and patterns across its membership. To preserve the confidentiality of your organization’s responses, data will never be attributed to specific organizations.

If you have any questions about the Standards Self-Assessment, please contact us at

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