Fall 2021 Open Grants

Fall 2021 Grant Recipients

We are so excited to announce the grant recipients of our Fall 2021 Open Grants Process, which awarded a total of $250,000 toward projects focused on intersectional gender justice and victim-survivor support. Thank you to each and every one of the over thirty organizations that applied for funding, and to our Grants Review Committee for their tireless work in reviewing applications, meeting with potential grantees, and discussing Letters of Interest.

SRE Network is particularly excited about centering victim-survivor voices in the media, reaching the Orthodox community in new ways, empowering folks of marginalized gender identities in realms of Jewish spiritual and ritual leadership, directly supporting victim-survivors through free mezuzahs for those escaping intimate partner violence, and including victim-survivors in organizational case consultations.

Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, $40,000/2 years
Jewish Community Connections, A Holistic Approach to Abuse Prevention: Providing education, training, technical assistance, response, and intervention services to the Greater Washington Jewish community.

Kamochah, $40,000/2 years
Bat Melech, An Empowerment Program for Girls: Kamochah will convene a monthly Torah learning and leadership development program for Black Orthodox Jewish girls to enhance their bitachon (faith in G-d), foster a sense of sisterhood and offer guidance for life as Jewish women.

Kohenet, $40,000/2 years
Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute: Reclaiming and innovating embodied, earth-based feminist Judaism, Kohenet’s ordination program, classes, publications, and community prayer gatherings center ritual as a transformative practice.

Lilith, $40,000/2 years
Here We Are: Personal Stories of Gender Injustice: Supporting a cohort of survivors in telling their own stories, followed by investigative reporting on patterns of gender-based violence, harassment, and bias in Jewish spaces surfaced by these emerging writers.

MyZuzah, $10,000/2 years
Mezuzahs for Victim-Survivors: Offering kosher, fair trade mezuzahs to victim-survivors of intimate partner violence who are restarting their lives in new homes after fleeing their abusers.

New Voices, $40,000/2 years
New Voices Magazine: Providing young Jewish writers an outlet to write investigations and personal reflections on trauma, working to heal in a professional, public context through monthly articles, workshops, and panels about gender injustice and sexual trauma.

Sacred Spaces, $40,000/2 years
Including the Voices of Victim-Survivors in Case Consultations: Adding an opportunity for those impacted by abuses of power to have their voices heard during organizational case consultations.

Fall 2021 Grants Review Committee

Chava Sims Shervington

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Bianca González-Lesser

West Hartford, CT

Tabitha St Bernard-Jacobs

New York, NY

Dr. Guila Benchimol

Toronto, Canada

Stefanie Rhodes

New York, NY

Fall Open Grantseekers Workshop

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